FAQ (frequently asked question)


  • What is the return policy?

We offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on our website. If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased from us, contact us via email Info@sirklothing.com, and we will be glad to assist you with getting your money back (customer is required to pay for shipping fees)
  • Can I receive a refund?

You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 30 calendar days of your purchase. After the 30 -day period, you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund. We encourage our customers to try the product (or service) quickly after their purchase to ensure it fits your needs.
  • How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

You can contact us by E-mail, Phone Number, Direct Message, and we will be gld to assist


    • Are there any international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

    • When will I receive my order?

    Order will be processed and shipped within a week, it will follow up with an email regarding the order and you can track your order from Order Tracking Form
    • What do I do if I never received my order?

    Contact our Customer Support Service to further investigate why you didn't receive your order and we will support you
    • What do I do if I received a defective order?

    In case of a defective product you can provide a proof of the defective product to our Customer Support Service and they will guide you through the Refund and Return Policy

      Company Info

      • Where are you located?

      We are located in Oakland California 
      • How is the product made? Where do the materials come from?

      We source the highest grade of materials to produce our products, our materials for products may vary due to sourcing options
      • How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

      Directly contact our company via E-mail at (info@sirklothing.com)